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About Fish & Fisher

During the 63 years of success, growth, and prosperity for Abu-Shakra Group, the organization has developed in order to keep up with international food chains and cater to the needs of the Egyptian tourism market.

The organization has also been able to serve the needs of companies and conferences in terms of catering and contributing to the tourism scene.

With these shining successes, the organization was able to expand into a new brand for sea food called Fish and Fisher.

Fish and Fisher began with a fresh start, a unique identity, and an international menu that serves different worldwide dishes with special cooking techniques as well as exquisite sauces and flavors.

Fast enough, Fish and Fisher became a great addition to Abu-Shakra Group.

The location for the first branch was chosen carefully. It is located on the bank of the beautiful Mediterranean in Alexandria in Loran area near San Stefano and the Four Seasons Hotel in a touristic, international atmosphere.

The area is renowned for good quality food and soon enough, Fish and Fisher gained the same level of popularity and became one of the key touristic restaurants at the area known for its high quality seafood meals and expert chefs.

Success after success comes for Abu-Shakra Group after the opening of Fish and Fisher in 2012.

After 65 years of success, the second branch opens in Cairo and is located at one of the most prestigious areas in Maadi in El-Nasr Street. This branch became a centralized location for Abu-Shakra Group; it included Abu-Shakra for Oriental Food, Shakra2Go for Fast Food, and Fish and Fisher for Seafood.

This branch included the strongest of Abu-Shakra group and included a very special collection of high quality foods that served different tastes both local and international.

Abu-Shakra has always been expanding to increase its touristic activities, serve its loyal customer and always live up to its reputation that has been erect for the past 70 years. .